Our approach

Confidence refers to the extent to which we believe our own capacities. Confidence is the quality that provides the basis for what we are able to achieve in life. It is our confidence, or lack thereof, that determines whether or not we accomplish the things that we hope to in our lifetime.

Our confidence is perfectly intact when we are born, but deteriorates as we grow older. Our confidence can be eroded by myriad factors, including making mistakes, failing and misbehaving. Children are particularly vulnerable to factors that might impact their confidence, as many are subject to bullying, teasing and other potent confidence killers. Our program is specifically designed to cultivate and bolster self-confidence in our participants so that they are primed for success later in life.

Combat Bullying

A confident individual has the capacity to stand up to bullying and teasing. If your self-confidence is intact, not only will you be less affected by bullying, but also you will be capable of fighting back against it.

Reduce Anxiety

The development of self-confidence can dramatically reduce anxiety. If you are confident, you will be impervious to some of those things that cause anxiety, like peer pressure or test apprehension. Confidence in yourself allows you to remain calm and focused, even when confronted with difficult situations.

Sense of Belonging

Confidence can increase your connective capacities. Confidence will render you more likely to seek out new friend groups, because you won’t be afraid of rejection. This often will translate into new and fruitful relationships, which will bolster your sense of belonging.


Resourcefulness refers to our capacity to overcome difficulties. Resourcefulness, like confidence, is a skill that must be cultivated in order to ensure future success. Resourceful individuals are undeterred by challenges, and have the ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Resourcefulness is an important skill to cultivate during childhood, as it is a predictor of success later on in life.

Learn New Concepts and Ideas

Resourcefulness enhances our ability to digest new concepts and ideas. A resourceful individual perceives new ideas and concepts as items that can be added to their resource toolkit. They can then draw on these concepts and ideas in the future if they are confronted with a difficult task.

Problem Solving

Resourceful individuals are expert problem solvers, and in fact welcome difficult and challenging tasks. Resourceful individuals are undeterred by problems, but rather thrive in their presence. If an ndividual is not resourceful, it may be challenging for them to circumvent or transcend the difficulties that they face in life.

Unplug IPad Addiction

Resourcefulness requires that individuals engage with the real world. Some people are overly reliant on technology to come up with answers to difficult problems, however a person who is truly resourceful will be able to derive solutions from their interactions with people and observations of what is going on around them. The resourceful person can unplug their Ipad and still successfully navigate any problem that comes their way.


Teamwork refers to our capacity to work with others. It refers to our ability to work synergistically with others in order to accomplish goals more efficiently. Discipline refers to your ability to control yourself, and to modulate your emotions and actions in order to maximize your capacity as a person. Both teamwork and discipline are important predictors of future success.

Cope with Challenges

Teamwork can enhance one’s ability to cope with difficult situations. Challenges seem insurmountable when one attempts to tackle them alone, but if one attacks them with a team they are suddenly rendered less daunting. Discipline is also a critical quality to have when confronting challenges. Those who are undisciplined often succumb to the weight of difficult situations, whereas those who can remain steadfast and focused often rise to the occasion and overcome.

Greater Self Esteem

Teamwork can enhance one’s self esteem. When we accomplish goals through teamwork, the inevitable result is an increased belief in one’s capacity to be successful. When one sees that their contributions are valued through their work with others, they begin to feel better about themselves.

Importance of Authority

Teamwork sometimes require the ability to acquiesce to the authority of a leader. Subverting to authority requires tremendous discipline, but it can actually develop our abilities to become leaders in the future. In order to be an effective leader, one must first learn how to follow and respond to commands.

Healthy Habits

It is critically important that we develop healthy habits early on in life. Healthy habits can translate to a longer, more fruitful life. If we fall into poor health habits early on in life, they become much harder to change as we grow older.

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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

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Develop Mental and Physical Resilience

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